BRIDAL 2019/2020

Through the tempestuous winds and dusty dunes, there lies an oasis of splendour. It is made of terrace after terrace of columns draped in exuberant foliage and drenched in ancient world richness. Supposedly, the Gardens of Babylon were created out of love. Among its lush surroundings, our gaze shifts towards the women who occupy it. After all, it is said that they were the most alluring in the world.


“But I wanted to see beyond their beauty,” Alia incites. “I looked deeper and into our fascinating female qualities, which we shouldn’t be afraid to lay bare, like our innocence and bravery.


“Melding the inner facets of a woman with my own idea of this ‘Garden’, I’ve created looks that strike a chord with me. The two collections I’ve been working on speak for two female characteristics I relate to – sensual liberty and pure innocence.”


The Bridal collection exhibits pure innocence. In contrast to the greens and clay of the Garden, shades of virtuous white present the blushing chastity of a woman on her most special day. In that moment she is calm but her heart flutters. She takes the step through the Garden in dresses that are decorated in lush laces mimicking the movement of the plants. Sparks of gold accentuate her confident taste for the finer things in life. The opulence of fabric flows behind each Angelic glide in the windy nights, creating an aura that is ever beautiful, ever innocent.