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EID 2019

The quiet night sky is bathed in moonlight reflections on clouds and then slowly sprinkled with stars. Flowers and blossoms lay still on the land until the evening breeze swirls dreamy movements, blowing petals into the wind. Always in a mystical mood, Alia Bastamam is inspired by the night and its wildflowers for Raya 2019.


The tranquil night is interpreted in Alia’s clean design lines highlighted by the touch of rich fabrications, embellishments and charmed prints for the Raya season. Cherry Blossom and Wisteria prints play pretend as the stars in the sky and multi-coloured galaxies from a great distance, while satin fabrics reflect light extravagantly. Liquid Satin, a newfound material in the Alia Bastamam inventory, becomes the star of the collection – as a minimalistic kurta, tunic dress, and an evening ensemble that is carefully draped to perfection.


Direct design elements are appropriately selected from the Atelier & Bridal 2019/2020 collection – the toga is on full display even as a traditional Baju Kurung, while the layered robe dress brings a sense of luxurious nonchalance. Creating exuberance to the female form, fabrics drape on curves, modestly accenting sensuality.


The Alia Bastamam woman explores her individualistic sense of style through another Raya collection – she’s alike a wildflower bursting spectacularly to the stars.


“When this story idea came up, it was perfect for my design philosophy – designing for all women,” Alia states. “I created a collection that begins subtly and as the collection progresses, so do the designs. I understand my clientele because I have days when I want to dress simply and other days when I want to be a little more extravagant – and I hope that is what this collection offers.”

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