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The humdrum of city life creeps on you, so every once in a while an escape becomes essential. And so, on her first Resort outing since 2014, Alia Bastamam envisions a perfect setting where the sun, sand and sea meet – the Alia Bastamam woman is packed and en route to paradise!




For the tropical heat, she dresses cooly with an important opening look – a crisp oversized boyfriend shirt that is especially embellished with the “Tit Wink” design that raises awareness of breast cancer; a pleated micro-mini skirt is wrapped over the shirt. Kaftans give way for the breeze: one in pleats almost slips off her shoulders, and another is constructed out of fragile strips of fabric. Sun rays shine through the passing clouds and through the light silks and chiffons, faintly outlining her silhouette as she carefully steps off a boat and onto the pristine shore; her eyes shielded by sunnies from Safilo Group. Sand and skin tones alongside olive and shades of midnight compliment the standout ‘mountain’ prints reminiscent of the cheeky 80s and 90s – composition of graphic blacks with vivid green, red and blue. Adding to the delight, exagerrated accessories by Bremen Wong call for surprise attention.




Away from the beach, a driver tours the island jeep about the tree-enveloped streets for an excursion to town. She takes in the lush surroundings and stretches her arms out with wind blowing through her salty curls. A sarong-style skirt or slouchy satin pants are her go-to picks for a walkabout, paired with a cutesy bralette top or a lazy blouse. Streetwise bomber jackets, tailored robes and utilitrian parkas in light fabrics become apt for the tropics – diaphanous organza embroidered with silver clouds and light-weight taffeta for structure.. For her feet, a selection of easy flat sandals and plush mules by Nelissa Hilman.




The pink sun sets into the lava-lit horizon and sparks of silver flash off her party looks – she oozes disco cool, while dancing to her own beat in embellished rollerskate shorts and flouncy tops. Sparse vines of lace create naked dresses for hot humid evenings sipping on a cool cocktail and laughing the night away. The fuchsia pop from the previous season saturates into a bright chili red for a jolt of spice – and why not have a draped suit in chili silk crêpe made perfect for island nights?

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