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At dusk, when the sun sets on one side and the moon rises on the other, our heroine is in the tight embrace of her lover. Her hair blows wildly in the wind, as her billowing dress is slipping carelessly off her shoulder.


For Spring/Summer ’20, Alia Bastamam brings life to romance novel covers where lush, flowing silhouettes create a fantasy for the contemporary woman. Androgynous cuts inject masculinity between the sweetness, while dominance and suggestive kink blaze sex appeal into the collection. As a designer, Alia stays true to her aesthetic of sensuous resort moods – light fabrics, dresses that are poolside to party to black-tie ready, and always with a spell of goddess vibes.


Enter the newest colours in Alia Bastamam’s glossary of colours. The viewer’s eyes are introduced to tangerine and desert sky-blue that entwine with rose and lilac, implying the vivid visuals of those memorable paperback covers. A myriad shades of green to gold and pink to brick assemble in the Ikat prints, an homage to romance in the Nusantara, where princesses are wrapped in sarongs revived with beach babe bikini tops.


Feast on a decadent collection that celebrates sexual freedom, sexual equality and the female strength in seduction. For 2020, the romance novel heroine is no longer the damsel in distress, instead she is the armoured warrior, the primeval beauty bedecked in heavy metal accessories.

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