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For Eid 2022, Alia Bastamam serves 24 looks that stir Asian tradition for the modern woman.

Across the full collection to the campaign imagery, everything is kept very visual. You will see bold colours and bold silhouettes, set against the subdued tones, clean lines and of course the Alia Bastamam aesthetic that makes every woman a goddess.

The Eid 2022 collection is a composition of expressive designs that really evoke moods and auras, because the Alia Bastamam woman is never one-dimensional - some days she wants to be chic in monochromatic beige, other days she wants to make an entrance in a full-flowing look.

This collection is truly for all sides of a woman.

Featuring Rita Suraya & Kelly
Photography: Azim Mahayudin @ AM Studio
Direction: Shahrezzan Ezani
Styling: Alia Bastamam
Makeup for Rita: Fazz Ariffin
Makeup for Kelly: Joey Yap
Hair: Zac Lee