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High-low Cheongsam in pleated georgette with hand-embellished lace appliqué and tassels

Presenting Alia Bastamam's first collection for the Lunar New Year, featuring Venice Min.


The sensual mood of Alia’s resort aesthetic becomes the base to the traditional style notes of the Chinese festivities. Mandarin collars come as separate neckpieces to accompany Alia’s signature draped silk crêpe. A full-length column cheongsam arouses ideas of a dudou (a type of traditional Chinese lingerie) to elevate the designer’s injection of sensuality, while high-low hemlines and experimental front openings bring subtle statements without altering classic silhouettes.


As a concise collection composed of lucky 8 looks that are exclusively made-to-order, Alia assigned the Atelier with fine handwork of lace appliqué and beading. Tongue-in-cheek play of the pankou (or traditional knotted buttons) become slim girly bows. Teasing tassels and finely embellished appliqué sparkle with crystals – a first-time exclusive collaboration between the design house and Swarovski.

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